led aluminum test

5 ways to identify led Aluminum sheet

All of my clients need Aluminum for led module and lighting, As Aluminum is better for heat conducting. (more…)


How to calculate wire current?

How to find the suitable size of Cable & Wire for electrical wiring installation? (more…)

led static electricity

Static electricity technology is very important for LED assmebly

You are so Lucky to see this technology post if you are doing LED business OR you will do LED business. (more…)

constant current led module

What is constant current and constant voltage led module?

When you are purchasing led injection modules from chinese manufacturer,Did you ask them the led module (more…)

led chip technology

What is LED Chip?

Some of my customer buy led lighting from LH Light,they would like to get LED Chip information, (more…)

light knowledge

Basic Lighting Knowledge


Lumen is the international(SL) unit of luminous (more…)

pcb copper width

How to use the relationship of copper foil’s thickness, width and current to calculate the accurate value of PCB

In the processing of PCB design, OZ (ounce) as (more…)